06 iulie 2004

povesti, la gura sobei

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Imagineaza-ti cum ar fi sa ai o soba care duduie si oameni adunati in jurul ei, depanand povesti in toiul verii. In sirul povestilor noastre o sa incep cu un trish infernal si am sa-ti remit (sic!) urmatorul account (ehei, de-ai stii tu ce s-a mai intamplat cu limba romana de cand ultimii ei aparatori au plecat spre vest).

Te pup si revin,

Let me give you a short account on how things went with the party. I wrote it this weekend and I am sending it to those who were present to make them envious.

First, the girls showed all around 7. And most of the boys around eleven. Half of the boys were not interested in girls, so that does not count. They other showed interest only in spirits, to built inner courage I guess, and then they displayed their interest into the girls later. At this point the girls were no longer interested. Heterosexually, the party was a fiasco :). Apart from that, everybody danced like crazy, drank (a lot) and generally had lots of fun. I was "on the logs" for two days (think of the Romanian translation for this ;)

It was not THE ultimate party, but people had fun, drinks and they danced. Oh, have I said that already?

At eleven in the night, the neighbor next door showed up at the door asking for Mr C. (our office is in a four story building on a central avenue, and C is the administrator) I told her there was no Mr C, Mr C was gone. I had a few drinks aboard so I dared her and asked if there was a problem. She made Ciprian into some sort of a hero telling me how if he were there the noise would go down. Sort of my party would quite down?!? No! no way. I did not tell her that. I explained instead that it was my birthday and that in fact we were not that loud (sic! - I was definitely implying she was overreacting, but smiling nicely at the same time). She finally left saying she will call the police. That is when I said we will turn the music down. She felt confident to ask for more. "And ask those girls to stop shouting". It was there and then I knew she was crazy. She left I and I am left with her memory: the Romanian version of the landlady in the Mask, big messy hair, home made dressing gown, slippers and little tiny nervous dog (which she forgot to bring along). As I was saying, she left, I returned upstairs never turning the music down, (un)like I promised. However neither has the police ever showed up... People continued to drink and dance. Some of them passed out some other started making passes, especially to the two Snow Whites in our office, while some of my gay friends checked the web from MY computer and had their astral charts done by my boss.

My painter friend who showed up with three fellow painters got so drunk he numerous times spilled his drinks on the floor. I never know who or what persuaded him and his gang to go, but they did, and, God! was I grateful for that! Not before the backpack story. As I was escorting them out, pushing buttons, opening doors, keeping an eye open for eventual injuries not to occur (I myself was... ethylated, but aware), D realized he was missing his backpack. Two of his fellows were so drunk they slept on the sidewalk until we managed to trace the backpack. I left D on the stairs and went back to the party, turn the lights on, turn everything upside down, found a black backpack and headed back. D was protesting this was not his backpack. I did not believe him. So we opened the back pack. I found an id proving it was A's. The funny thing is A was there when I took the bloody think and he did not protest. Too much into M, so to speak (if you ask me, nothing happened between the two of them). So I had to return to the party with that backpack and D and disturb everybody once more. Uselessly, the backpack was nowhere to be found. Finally it dawned on me it could be with the guys sleeping in the gutter. So I went there and I was right, I returned to the party (once more!) extracted D , who was now getting all emotional (and another drink) and dispatch them on their way. Next morning I find a message on my mobile they were missing a camera. I checked the time. The sms was sent at four in the morning so I decided not to worry about this.

The other episode to remember is the fall of the shelves in the lobby - the ones masking the door to the server and bathroom. When A returned from the toiled to the council room he followed the music and not the light and he opened the door and forced his way through the back of the shelves. This caused his chin and forehead two scratches and some 100 kilos of shelves, books, brochures and all to fall from a height of two meters. Of course it was one o'clock in the night and it made a terrible noise. And it was when my boss has just made her appearance at my party :) Some people felt embarrassed, but she was really a good sport about it. A still has to heal his skin signs.

Enough for now, you must be bored to death with my party stories.

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